This time I want to show You final designs and work process of selected projects I did in 1st part of this year.

The Pigment Gallery - tattoo studio from Koln, Germany
Sztos Band - friend's small music band
Sinister Spritis
Caffeine Tattoo studio from Warsaw, Poland
Old School Guitars by Jack Sturm
Rebel Muse- tattoo studio from Lewisville, Texas
Sehr Goods - upcoming retail clothing store from Germany
Ironbeard - tattoo studio from Rovaniemi, Finland
Luke Sommerville- tattoo artist from Ireland
Old Ellsworth Brewing Company from Queek Creek, Arizona
Treasure Coast- tattoo studio from Jensen Beach, Florida
Hedonist - start up men's clothing brand from Poland
Tshirt for Ground Game brand form Poland
Work process:
1.Initial sketches are made from scratch with pencil and paper where I try to present different styles and solutions for project-based on brief, references and my feelings.
If needed, based on chosen concept, requested changes and comments I working on other solutions which I want to propose.
2. After discussion and revisions, I preparing a final sketch of chosen concept to approve all details with a client.
3. Working with vectors. Final sketches are starting point for vectorization process. I have put the image with a sketch on the separate layer with lower opacity and beginning work with Beziers, shapes, and guides. Because the vector is a final product and the most important thing in this case thanks to this tools I can save time and don't need to spend many hours working on a sketch with an extra level of accuracy at every time, but when it is highly detailed I'd like to spend more time on preparations.
4. Fine polishing, colors, preparing for presentation and use.

Post Scriptum
 At every stage, I am spending some time on additional revisions as needed. When initial sketches are not on point, I must make new ones, when more than one looks interesting, I develop all of them, When I think  that final sketch or vector needs to be built with another element than I thought earlier, I am trying to find different solutions, change details, add or remove them.  Sometimes it takes much time, sometimes everything rolling quite fast, there are no rules because I am not using fonts or templates. Every design is a new design and a new challenge for me.
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